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Goat horns are healthy and natural protein keratin on a goat. They serve as air conditioners, control their body temperature, and used to take an authoritative stance among their herds. However, it can be a dangerous thing when your goats become aggressive towards others. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about a goat horn cover and how to devise a solution for them.

Why Do We Cover Goat Horns?

Training your goats at a tender age is an adventurous event. They are gregarious, friendly, and adorable animals such that they can become your pets. As cute as they can be at this age, training them to avoid any aggressive behavior can be a daunting task. If your goat loves to head-butt, you will need to go a little extra on your training. Why? Their pointy horns can create some damage to themselves, other animals, and even humans.

The main reason for covering goat’s horns is to protect yourself when goats become aggressive. Aggressive behaviors of goats range from kicking, biting, head-butting, disobeying the owners, or pushing things around with their little horns. However, it is important to note that they don’t exhibit these behaviors on purpose.

The Expensive Solution

Training young goats can be the best option to avoid their aggressiveness. However, if that can’t be done, there is always an alternative solution to the problem. One of them is by using pool noodles. An example product is the Jeffergarden round-cornered silicone anti-fight protective horn cover.  Jeffergaden’s protective horn cover is a non-toxic, elastic, and durable product that covers the pointy horns of your goats. It comes in different sizes to make it for your goat perfectly. With this, you don’t get to damage your goat’s horn while wearing it for them. Besides, it is heat-resistant and allows the horn to perform its respective function.

Goat horn coverOur Goat Horn Cover That Really Works

Our Favorite Pool Noodle Solution

Pool noodles come in various forms, sizes, and colors. However, selecting the best one for your goat gives you lots of advantages. When choosing this product, ensure that it is comfortable and fits your goat perfectly. It should not be too tight such that you have to squeeze it to fit. Instead, it should be elastic, durable, non-toxic, and heat resistant so that it doesn’t damage the goat horns. For easy access, you can get one on Amazon or any store in the US such as Walmart, Big 5, and the dollar store.

Goat Horn Wraps

Goat horn wraps are used for various things. While it can be used to prevent the impact of the goat’s head butting, it can also be used to treat injuries when they occur. To wrap goat horns, tapes such as duct, electrical tapes, or gorilla black tapes work better. When applying the tapes, do not wrap the tapes tightly as it may hurt your goat. Instead, place a stick of about 2 inches around the tips of the horns and lightly wrap them on both ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions:

Can You Cover Goat Horns?

Yes, you can cover goat horns for various reasons. The main reason is to ensure safety. For goats so that they will not hurt themselves. Safety for the owner when he needs to attend to goat milking purposes. Safety for other people living in the environment – may be little kids or neighbors. Irrespective of the reasons, covering your goat’s horn is always a wise choice as it benefits everyone.

How Do You Protect Goat Horns?

Protecting goat horns is advantageous for many reasons. You can do this through various techniques. One way of doing this is by using a pool noodle solution. Pool noodles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It is durable, flexible, and friendly to the environment. Most times, it is designed to suit the goat’s needs and create comfort for it. Wearing a comfortable pool noodle for your goats prevents damage to it as you don’t have to squeeze it tightly. Most pool noodles come with clips that ensure that the pool noodles stay fit. Hence, you don’t have to worry about its removal.

Another method of protecting a goat’s horn is by improvising materials. Here, you can use duct tapes to wrap the worn or attach a tennis ball to the tips of the horn. Doing this reduces the level of injuries its horns can create.

How Do You Wrap Goat Horns?

You can wrap goat horns in various ways. However, one of the best ways to wrap the horns is by attaching a stick in between the tips of the horns. Then, you wrap some tape (duct, gorilla black, or electrical tape) around it lightly. Avoid wrapping the tapes tightly as it can hurt your goat.

Is It Safe To Put Pool Noodles On Goat Horns?

Yes, it is totally safe to put pool noodles on goat horns. Pool noodles such as Jeffergarden’s are non-toxic, heat-resistant, and comfortable for goats. They come in different shapes and sizes. Hence, you can find the one that perfectly fits your goat horns.


Goat horns are vital to the health status of your goat. Hence, removing the horns can create problems for them. Instead of removing them, you can simply purchase pool noodles that stay fit and prevent injuries. Looking for our comprehensive starter guide on raising goats?


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  • jaen black Reply

    hi, i need two sets of horn covers for large diameter goat horns…they are half boer/half kiko and a little under 2 years…i didn’t see a place to select a size or can you make them larger so they would fit…
    thanks, sj black

    October 5, 2021 at 11:39 am
  • Loretta Ordway Reply

    Need a set for Myotonic buck and a Myotonic doe. Didn’t see a place to order.

    November 11, 2021 at 3:29 pm
  • Jolanda Bosman Reply

    Hi. What is the Cost of nigerian dwarf goat Horn cover

    January 9, 2022 at 8:23 pm
  • Kathy Engstrom Reply

    I bought a pair of the silicone horn covers on Amazon—said they were for calves and goats. They are way too big for my 150# goat’s horns and I find the metal device awkward to use. Do you sell smaller horn covers? Can I zip tie them on?? Duct tape?
    I think they are a great idea—just need a better way to attach. Thank you!

    June 11, 2022 at 6:20 pm

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