Our most used garden tools to pull weeds

Garden Tools to Pull Weeds

Weeding is the one task many gardeners absolutely dread. This is because it can get pretty frustrating and out of hand quickly. You remove one weed just to see more pop-up in its place. This can quickly feel overwhelming when trying to maintain a healthy garden.

However, that doesn’t mean you should feel defeated. With the help of the right tools, your weeding sessions should be a smooth operation free of any frustration. We have compiled a small list of weeding tools that we have used in our own garden and I think you will agree they come in handy. From multi-use weeding tools to standup quick weeders, we got you covered.

Hori Hori, or Japanese Farmer’s Knife 

The “Hori Hori” is a Japanese garden knife that combines digging and cutting capabilities. Thus, it’s quite handy when it comes to weeding. You can also use it to dig, replant, saw, slice, and determine soil depth for sowing bulbs.

Commercially accessible Hori Hori come in various styles, with the handle being the most distinguishing feature. Traditional types have bamboo or wooden grips, but rubber and plastic handles are increasingly common features.

The blade’s basic shape is almost always the same. A length of metal that tapers to a tip, with one sharp and one serrated side. Hori Hori knives are incredibly adaptable due to their size and design.  When weeding with a Hori Hori knife, it’s preferable to grip it in one hand and use it as a hybrid of a trowel, a saw, and a knife.

It’s versatile, simple to use, and will become a “must-have” tool in your kit bag. While this Japanese gardener’s knife is commonly used for digging, it has many other purposes, including weeding. The tool handles its weeding duties quite easily. 

Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

The Nisaku stainless steel weeding knife has both straight and serrated blades, making it ideal for digging out weeds. It can also perform other duties, like sowing bulbs, removing pebbles, and cutting through roots, among other tasks. 

Its blade has inch marks to guarantee that your plants and bulbs are sown at the correct depth. In addition, the comfortable hardwood handle in the knife gives a solid grasp for all-day digging and increased control while pushing into the earth. 

Lesche digging knife

garden weeding toolsOur most used garden tools to pull weedsDigging tiny holes with a trowel can be exhausting, especially when there are a lot of them to explore (like when planting bulbs in the fall). The job becomes much easier with the Lesche Digging Tool. It’s capable of far more than merely digging holes. 

The Lesche tool is easy to grip because of its extensive, soft plastic handle. In addition, the ribbed handle prevents your hand from sliding up and down when digging. 

There is also a blade guard on the Lesche digging tool that avoids sliding your hand into the blade. This also shields your hand from pointy objects on the earth when you’re searching.

One edge of the blade is serrated in this tool, while the other is flat. The serrated edge helps chop into plastic bags, marking lines for planting seeds, and weeding, while the flat edge is ideal for cutting into tangled root balls, hard clay soil, or tree roots. 

You typically utilize a forward, underhand motion to dig holes with a trowel. However, the natural movement with the Lesche digging tool is to stab it directly into the ground and drag it toward you, making it much less complicated.

Lesche Standard Digging Tool & Sod Cutter (Right Serrated Blade)

This is an excellent Lesche digging tool. It is suitable for use in nurseries, landscaping, camping, and metal detecting. It has a 7-inch blade length and one 3/4-inch blade width and includes a valuable belt holder. 

Although the serrated surface is on the right side, even left-handed people can easily cut roots. The blade is centered and can withstand a significant amount of prying without bending. It is an excellent digging device.

The tool can dig out weeds without damaging the plant roots, even in rough soil types. It can be used to dig and separate hosts and is quite durable compared to other tools. Its tank-like construction enables it to cut through the thick roots of perennials.

Grampas weeder

Grampa’s Weeder is one of the most effective and straightforward weed killers. This tried and tested tool is cleverly built and made to last forever. 

Grampa’s Weeder is particularly popular among gardeners since it enables them to weed without bending, tugging, or kneeling. People with children and dogs and those who just care about the environment benefit from weeding their yards without using dangerous chemicals.

It is ideal for weed removal without the use of harmful pesticides.

Grampa’s Weeder- The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle

This tool is made with natural bamboo and a 4-claw steel head design. Furthermore, it features a  steelhead design, making it a more powerful weed eradication tool.

This Grampa’s weeder 45″ stand-up bamboo long handle is an easy and uncomplicated weeding tool that saves your back and knees. All soil types benefit from the steel 4-claw design, especially after a good rain or irrigation.

To pry the weed out, simply insert the metal claw into the core of the weed and rotate the bamboo long handle. You can count on this Grampa’s weeder clever design to make weeding dandelions and other weeds easier and more pleasurable.


garden tools to pull weedsOur most used garden tools to pull weedsThe CobraHead weeder gets its name because its blade resembles the head of a cobra. It’s a handy tool that does a bit of everything, from cultivating and harvesting to digging, edging, and weeding. Since its blade easily plows the soil, the CobraHead has become quite the instrument for weeding. 

CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator 

The original CobraHead was introduced in 2001 and became quite the sensation. It hasn’t changed much since then. The tool is ergonomically designed for weeding. Making it easy to use for gardeners of all ages. It features a tempered steel blade attached to a comfortable universal grip. 

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